We provide professional consultancy in the field of environmental protection. Through years we have helped our clients to implement hundreds of their investement initiatives to include environmental best practice and law.

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Maciej Kaczmarski

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Our business

We have successfully completed over 250 large projects for largest companies in Poland and abroad. Our experts have many years of experience, developed in the course of the implementation of a wide range of projects in various fields of environmental protection. These include services related to the process of obtaining Decisions on Environmental Conditions of projects, field inventories, post-implementation audits, carbon footprint analysis and Environmental Due Diligence.

We participate in projects from the very beginning, i.e. from the planning stage, through implementation, to the commissioning and operation stage.

We specialize in:
Environmental impact assessments: EIA, SEIA;

  • natural,
  • greenery,
  • landscapes,
  • archaeological sites,
  • existing information / data on the environment;


  • noise emissions to environment,
  • the spread of pollutants into the air,
  • the spread of pollutants in the soil and water environment,
  • electromagnetic field decomposition,


  • acoustic,
  • electromagnetic field,
  • soil and water pollution;

Post-implementation audits and monitoring;
Audits of investment compliance with the provisions of environmental decisions;
Due diligence audits, Phase 1, 2, 3;

A wide range of services provided by an experienced team of specialists makes us a competent partner for cooperation in the field of environmental protection throughout the entire investment process.

Environmental impact assessment

One of the areas of consulting is environmental impact assessments of planned projects, which have been implemented in the company since 2009. Databout specializes in assessing both large infrastructure projects, i.e. road, rail, network (including energy) projects, water construction, industrial construction, as well as smaller projects that may potentially affect the condition and quality of the natural environment.

We provide consultancy in this area comprehensively or in areas selected by the client, such as: assessment of the investment’s impact on the climate (including air quality), landscape, the condition of the natural and cultural environment (monuments and archaeological sites), soil and water quality, health and quality life of people, assessment of noise and vibration levels, or assessment of the investment’s compliance with the requirements of the Water Framework Directive.


For the needs of our clients, we deliver the following field inventories:

natural (protected species of plants and animals both in areas under nature protection and outside them, along with the preparation of valorisation reports);
greenery (trees and shrubs, along with cutting plans and planting designs);
landscapes (for the needs of environmental impact assessments, according to specialized methodologies);
archaeological sites (for the needs of pre-investment site exploration);
environmental protection devices in terms of their functionality and quality (including noise barriers, passages for animals, water purification devices and installations).

In addition, at the request of our clients, we make inventories and analyzes of available, published and unpublished information about the environment for areas and issues of particular interest.

Due dilligence

Financial liabilities resulting from the materialization of environmental risks related to the current or historical use of the investment site and its surroundings may generate costs that will have a decisive impact on the success of the transaction.

If you are planning to purchase real estate or a merger of corporate units or the acquisition of a unit / company, you should know that in keeping with Polish law in the field of the environment and its protection, this activity is subject to the risk of financial liability for non-compliance with the provisions on land use.

We are ready to assist you in the process of identifying environmental risks accompanying the planned projects, assess their importance for the further course of the transaction and recommend the best possible solutions for a given project.


We use specialist software to generate models for:

noise propagation (applies to traffic noise and industrial noise, using SoundPlan and HPZ software),
spread of pollutants into the air (applies to communication and industrial pollution using the Operat FB software),
spreading pollutants in the soil and water environment (sampling and physicochemical analysis of water and soil samples),
electromagnetic field distribution (measurements and modeling of electromagnetic field distribution from devices emitting these fields: power grids, transformer stations, etc.).


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