Power engineering

Planning formal activities, risk identification and infrastructure planning. Advice on the construction and maintenance of new energy facilities.

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Bartosz Rutkowski

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Energy transformation

Transformation of commercial power industry and modernization of the transmission infrastructure is a complex investment process that requires close cooperation of specialists from many areas of engineering and planning. The scale of power engineering projects poses additional requirements for the investor, and for the success of the investment, it is crucial to correctly carry out the programming phase and prepare the pre-design documentation in the technical, environmental and organizational areas.

The Databout team provides services in all these areas. We offer to our clients experienced and committed team of specialists who are fully aware of the practical goals for which consulting and design products are prepared.

Consulting services and products offered

Transmission infrastructure

  • Spatial and planning analyzes
  • Designating transmission corridors based on multi-criteria spatial analysis,
  • Assessment of costs and implementation schedule
  • Preparation of environmental documentation:
  • Natural inventory
  • Environmental impact report
  • Public consultation
  • obtaining an environmental decision
  • Landscape study
  • Identification of landscape units
  • Landscape sensitivity assessment
  • Simulation of the visibility of the investment silhouette
  • Landscape impact assessment
  • Commercial power engineering – production sources

Spatial analyzes

  • Mapping environmental and spatial constraints
  • Analysis of planning conditions,
  • Transport study
  • Inventory of transport infrastructure
  • Needs analysis
  • Motion macro and microsimulation,
  • Passability verification
  • Concept of investment activities
  • Landscape study
  • Identification of landscape units
  • Landscape sensitivity assessment
  • Simulation of the visibility of the investment silhouette
  • Landscape impact assessment
  • Study of accommodation
  • Determining the employment curve
  • Identification of the accommodation base
  • Identification of the needs of the work campus and permanent residence
  • Power evacuation
  • Corridor study
  • Supply for the investment implementation stage,
  • The concept of solutions of spatial collisions with the existing infrastructure
  • Formal analyzes
  • Permit and permit plan
  • Formal classification of investment elements
  • Identification of relevant international, industry and financing requirements
  • Risk analysis
  • Identification of formal, environmental and technical risks,
  • Indication of mitigation methods,
  • Analysis of the impact on the budget and implementation schedule
  • Infrastructure Coordination Plans
  • Technical and service infrastructure analysis,
  • Review of applicable law and identification of legislative gaps
  • Schedule of preparatory work
  • Responsibility matrix
  • Stakeholder management plan
  • Communication plan

For the purposes of internal and stakeholder communication, we prepare reality models of the existing state, representing the best knowledge about land development as at the date of the inventory. The model can be the basis for the presentation of the range of interactions in 3D space.

We integrate the experience and knowledge of the best specialists

We combine experience and knowledge of our best specialists to support the process of investment preparation and the selection of optimal options which are technically, economically and socially acceptable. We offer our expertise in the preparation of formal action plans, risk identification and planning the infrastructure necessary for the construction and maintenance of new facilities.

Databout actively cooperates with transmission network operators and supports the planning of large generation sources of commercial power industry. Since 2014, we have been providing advisory services in the preparation of the investment process, conducting site research and obtaining all necessary decisions for the construction of the first Poland’s NPP.


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