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Harmony helps you import and export data, manage variants and recalculate PTV Visum models.

Michał Mokrzański

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Michał Mokrzański

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How it works?

Harmony is a tool supporting the data management of the PTV Visum package.

Thanks to Harmony:

checkYou will build and configure variants, including loading .net, .tra or .att files.
checkYou will automatically modify the existing .ver files.
checkYou will perform calculations on multiple .ver files at the same time.
checkFor each file, you can personalize the sequence of procedures to be executed.
checkYou will automatically export the results of calculations in the form of matrices, lists and choropleth maps.

If you are using PTV VISUM software and need help with:

checkData management
checkVariant management
checkCalculation automation
checkExport of results

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Case Study

Feasibility study for the construction of fast, collision-free rail transport in Krakow

The tender for study for the construction of fast, collision-free rail transport in Krakow was held in 2017

The project included, among others, traffic modeling in the Krakow agglomeration for:

  • 7 variants
  • 4 sub-options each
  • in 8 time horizons
  • in 3 periods of the day
  • for 3 technical solutions

In total, it was possible to analyze about 2000 iterations of calculations and result sets

We decided that standard methods would not make it possible to complete the project on time. Harmony was born.


Standard methods


Preparation of calculations
ikona kciuk w dółAny change made by the operator. Time-consuming updates
ikona kciuk w góręThrough a set of change files. Variants can be rebuilt automatically
ikona kciuk w dółduring the working day with the operator
ikona kciuk w górę24/7 on multiple machines or in the cloud
Export of results
ikona kciuk w dółManually generated lists and drawings. Each update is as time consuming as the original export.
ikona kciuk w góręBOMs and drawings are generated during the calculation cycle. Updates generated automatically according to a defined pattern.


Comprehensive approach

Vision, analysis, design and supervision. We carry out design work and advise our clients at every stage of the investment.

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