About us

We are a group of professionals in the field of transport, environment, energy and commercial property.



We are engineers and experts and we want Databout to set industry trends in sectors where we operate. We use science, knowledge, experties and new technologies to provide effective solutions for future demands. We specialize in the delivery  of innovative investment projects of  high complexity, long life cycle, and stringent safety requirements.  We take pride in the satisfaction of our employees and users of our solutions. We enjoy challenges of the enormity of data which we process discover new solutions to our clients’ needs.


We develop and deliver modern solutions for infrastructure and the environment.


Our team consists of experts, planners, engineers, data analysts and IT specialists whose professional passion and extensive project experience help clients solve the most complex problems and turn exciting ideas into reality. In our work, we use the latest data science methods to provide answers to frequently asked questions quickly and precisely.

We have offices in five Polish cities: Warsaw, Kraków, Katowice, Wrocław and Rzeszów. Choose the location of your interest.


We offer our public and private clients services at every stage of the investment process – from the idea and initial investment analyzes, to post-implementation analyzes in the transport, environment, energy and commercial real estate sectors. Through databout.tools platform we offer our clients IT tools supporting analytical and decision-making processes.